Match report: Grouse & Label 02/07/17

The weather at the beginning of July bodes well for the rest of the summer; a glorious mid-summer's afternoon perfect for playing cricket.


Daisy won the toss and elected to bat in a 35 over game.  This was agreed upon on the promise of fine Indian cuisine after the match and we were not disappointed.


Tuffers and Daisy opened the inning for the Nomads and Daisy was Grouse & Label's first victim in the second over, bowled middle stump.


The Vicar was next and he was full of confidence but soon fell leg before wicket for six runs. Smartie scored a brisk 25 before falling victim to Sam’s very slow bowling, caught in the outfield.


Argy Bargie was next up even though he pleaded to bat further down the order as he was worried that he would quickly fall victim to their sledging; but Sunday was to be his day.


Stepping up to the plate, he took the fight to the opposition, scoring a magnificent 103 ably supported by Tuffers (35) and Assassin (15).


The final total of 214 was achieved with the aid of the Judge (3), Clint (5 not out) and Mahesh (5), with Sparkie failing to trouble to scorer.


Following a fabulous tea and yes we all ate too much especially Tuffers and Daisy (no surprise there), the Nomads took to the field to defend their decent total.


The Judge struck first dismissing their opener for 21, leg before wicket.


All the Grouse & Label batsmen made good contributions towards their total and it came down to the last ball, the game was tied, 214 each with one ball remaining and they were able to scramble a single to take the win. Or at least they thought so. I have examined the scorebook in detail and can reveal the following:


Nomads batsmen total was 199 with 16 extras bringing the total to 215.  But if you also add up the bowlers totals of 212 with five byes leg byes the total is 217.


Likewise for Grouse & Label, their batsmen's total was 177 with 37 extras bringing the total to 214 and when you add up the bowlers' totals you are left with 202 with 10 byes and leg byes and a total of 212.


You can draw your own conclusions on the outcome of the game but I would like to emphasize the importance of keeping an accurate record of the game, with all the totals agreeing.


Secondly I would like to draw your attention to the number of extras we gave away on Sunday, 37! These were made up from 10 byes and leg byes, 22 wides and five no balls.


We must aim to reduce the number of extras we give away as in this case it drastically altered the outcome of the game.


That aside I would like to award the man of the match to Argie Bargie for his outstanding 103, without which the game would have been over a lot sooner.  Well done Rohit.

Grouse Label