Newsetter launched

We've just launched the first electronic edition of our newsletter The Nomadic.


Hopefully you will have received it directly, but if not don't worry, you can sign up by filling in the sign-up form below.


That way you can be sure you'll get the most to date news from the club straight to your inbox.


As we're a diverse lot, keeping in touch is proving pretty difficult.


Some of us use social media, while some of us use email and others just keep in touch using the old fashioned ways like meeting up face to face or chatting over the phone.


Very few of us use all of these methods, so we're changing the way we communicate by hitting all the channels we can.


The Nomadic is just one of these channels and you can use the one that best suits you. If you're into social media, why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.


If you know of anyone we've missed, please pass this message on or ask our fellow Nomads and Nomadettes to sign up to the newsletter using the form below.


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