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Litle Richie's rapid 50 vs. Fulham Taverners (23rd May 2010)

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Annual General Meeting - November

We held our AGM last Friday (27th) and, as you can see from the picture, there was plenty of thinking involved - at least on Tuffers' part - everyone else however appears to be pretending to look busy while having a drink!


In any case, it was a good evening and much was discussed, followed by a free curry. Thanks to everyone who turned out.


Thank you to the Club Secretary, Morse, for his efforts in ensuring we all knew where to go and what to discuss and thanks in particular from the editor of The Nomadic for the excellent photography throughout the year which has made this publication and our social media channels possible.


Incidentally, minutes of the meeting are available from Morse, however the key parts (awards and Captain's report) are detailed below.


Awards were as follows:

Clubman of the Year: Nigel Swain

Bowler of the Year: Naresh Kachhawa

Batsman of the Year: Richard Swain

Captain's Award: Tuffers

President's Award: Jill Hood (picked up by Peter Hood on Jill's behalf).


And well done to Mahesh Patel who was elected an honorary VP.